Michael Bedford

STAR TREK DISCOVERY Season 2: This Ain’t No Short Trek

Fans of STAR TREK DISCOVERY have waited for the premiere of the second season of the newest iteration of our favourite franchise. STAR TREK DISCOVERY season 2 promises to...

OUTLANDER – S04E10: “The Deep Heart’s Core” – Let’s Be Honest

“The Deep Heart’s Core” was an exciting and frustrating episode. In true OUTLANDER style, reunions are short lived, and emotional bonding is difficult and tenuous. But before getting to...

OUTLANDER S04E07: “Down the Rabbit Hole” – The Daughter of a Witch

“Down the Rabbit Hole” gave OUTLANDER viewers a break from the constant struggle that Jamie and Claire’s life has become since moving to North Carolina. Instead, viewers got a...

OUTLANDER – Reviewing “Savages” & “Blood of My Blood”

The sixth episode of OUTLANDER’s fourth season aired on STARZ on Sunday. “Blood of My Blood” continued the show’s exploration of the tensions between European colonists and the Indigenous...

OUTLANDER S04E04: “Common Ground” – Crazy Like A Bear

Realizing the futility in taking over Jocasta’s plantation during last week’s episode, Jamie and Claire decide to take Governor Tryon up on his offer of a parcel of land....