Kieran Freemantle

The Films of Michael Bay: Worst to Best

Michael Bay is one of the most divisive directors working in Hollywood. Critics hate many of his films but audiences generally like them. Two of his films have made...

Review BOJACK HORSEMAN SEASON 5 – As Funny and Heartfelt as always

Bojack Horseman has a deserved reputation for being one of the best adult animated shows currently airing (or streaming). The Netflix hit blends hilarious comedy and hard-hitting insights on issues...

Review: DOCTOR WHO “Resolution” – The Best Chibnall Episode So Far

Instead of a Christmas special Chris Chibnall gives fans of Doctor Who a New Year episode. This special marks the first time Chibnall uses a classic villain. Chibnall has had a lukewarm...

Review: DOCTOR WHO “The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos” – Great Concepts Wasted

The Eleventh Season of Doctor Who has now come to conclusion, offering decent episodes and some stinkers. "The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos" has the task to conclude the season and tie up some...

Review: DOCTOR WHO “It Takes You Away” – A Bold, Wacky and Somewhat Problematic Episode

Last week's Doctor Who episode "The Witchfinders" was a return to a classic style story. "It Takes You Away" follows in that vein, turning a small story into something larger.The...

Review: DOCTOR WHO “The Witchfinders” – A Tale to Please Old Fans

Following last week's mediocre adventure where the Doctor primarily fights Amazon she returns with a much stronger historical episode.The Doctor and her companions find themselves in 17th century England. What...